• Sale! Nordic Components Low Drag Shotgun Magazine Follower

    Nordic Components Low-Drag Follower, 12ga.

    Nordic Components’ red anodized shotgun followers keeps your shotgun magazine tube running smooth with zero binding. Fits most shotgun magazine tubes. NOTE: We do not recommend the using this follower in Mossberg autoloading shotguns, Benelli Nova/SuperNova shotguns, Browning BPS, or the Winchester SX2/SX3 and FNH SLP shotguns.
  • Nordic Components Speed Bolt Handle Mossberg

    Nordic Components Speed Bolt Handle Mossberg 930 SPX, 935, 9200 12 Gauge Steel Black

    Replaces the factory bolt handle and allows for faster loading, unloading and clearing malfunctions. The large round design is easy to grab with or without gloves. Made from solid steel.
  • Sale! Nordic Benelli BFB

    Nordic Components Speed-Bolt Handle BFB

    Nordic Components’ newest Benelli Bolt Handle. It is a larger, Non-Rotating, version for 12 Gauge M1/M2/M3/SBEII only. Nordic Speed Bolt Operating Handles provide a quick way to eject the last round or clear a jam from your shotgun without tearing your hand or fingers. The large round design provides a bigger surface area, making it easy to grab with or without gloves. NOTE: Fits 12 gauge Benelli M1/M2/SBEII only and...